Crypto Assets

Bitcoin, Smart Contract Platforms like Ethereum, and Decentralised Finance (DeFi)

Country Germany Language English
Cost 1250 Currency EUR
Date start 2023-09-28 Date end 2023-09-28
Duration < 1 day Type Seminar
Subject Crypto assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and many others use public ledgers shared over the internet to prove ownership of digital assets. They can be transferred in seconds without the need for intermediaries or permission from any centralised authority, making them an important component of financial infrastructure. While some might argue there is a cloud of hype obscuring potential use cases of such assets, they provide an indisputable potential for innovation. This is for example proven by 40 million European citizens (according to the European Central Bank) and 40 million US citizens (according to the White House) that already now own crypto assets. Based on smart contract platforms like Ethereum, assets such as traditional currencies (i.e., stablecoins) or financial instruments (e.g., shares, debt) can be tokenised.
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