Asset Management and Investing in Crypto Assets

Custody of Tokens, Various Types of Tokens, Crypto ETPs, Crypto Funds, and Decentralised Finance (DeFi)

Country Germany Language English
Cost 1250 Currency EUR
Date start 2023-09-30 Date end 2023-09-30
Duration < 1 day Type Seminar
Subject Crypto assets are a new asset class which has grown to hundreds of billion US dollars. This starts with Bitcoin and Ethereum, which are the top 2 crypto assets. Such tokens can be purchased directly via crypto exchanges or indirectly with exchange traded products (ETPs). Even more so, hundreds of crypto funds and crypto indices have emerged with various investment strategies. Lastly, decentralised finance (DeFi) applications provide further investment possibilities. All these opportunities represent many new investment opportunities which require solid asset management approaches. Some of these investment opportunities are correlated with others, some are not.
Even more so, thousands of tokens exist in various domains. Therefore, understanding and assessing the various types of tokens is paramount. Once having purchased these tokens, they can be stored on crypto exchanges. Or, alternatively, private custody can be done at the discretion of the investor. Using the words of the European Commission, these are unhosted wallets.
This programme introduces participants to the entire universe of investment opportunities in the domain of crypto assets. It also sets the context for various investment tactics, for example directly via the purchases of tokens or indirectly via wrapping crypto assets in publicly listed or private investment vehicles. Finally, it also discusses selected legal considerations and challenges related to crypto assets.
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