Now ‘Ask Juliet’ for Crypto Tips on TokenAI

David Bentley

Jun 18, 2018

Cryptocurrency and portfolio analysis platform TokenAI has released an artificial intelligence (AI) plug-in toolkit named Juliet to provide recommendations to traders and help navigate them through the market. According to a press release from the company on Tuesday, Juliet can help new and experienced crypto traders, confused by too many investment recommendations, with actionable insights and analysis. Juliet operates as a responsive web app on desktop or mobile devices. Juliet integrates with TokenAI’s Individual Coin Analysis, Current Portfolio Rebalancing and Token Basket Generator services, the company said, as an accessible, easy-to-use, and cost-effective toolkit. The Token Basket Generator is aimed at newcomers to the market. After users say how much they’d like to invest and answer some questions, Juliet provides a token basket to meet their specifications.
“TokenAI’s algorithms help users access and analyze crypto markets in a way that has never been done before,” said Ilana Fraines, Co-Founder and Vice President of Engineering of TokenAI, in the statement. “With Juliet, we’re providing a way for savvy traders and newcomers alike to identify potential opportunities in the crypto markets, and to learn from recommendations throughout our suite of services.” TokenAI’s Individual Coin Analysis allows users to select any coin and have it analyzed by the system and provide actionable insights to help traders — a useful feature, particularly where tokens have gained attention through social media. TokenAI is launching its token sale on July 1, through the TechBureau’s COMSA platform. The company’s advisory board includes executives at Influencive, Quuu, Blockchain Investor LLC, and investFeed.