INSEAD Fintech Programme

1500 EUR 22/03/2021 - 26/04/2021

Jan 19, 2021

Finance is already one of the most digitised of all industries. FinTech—the adaptation of cutting-edge technology into financial transactions to improve performance—has become a buzzword on Wall Street, Main Street, and Silicon Valley alike.

But what is FinTech exactly? What are its main areas and technologies, and what can these technologies do?

Technology offers a dizzying array of possibilities, but not every technological possibility is a good business opportunity. As an incumbent, what are the potential threats posed by FinTech and how can they be turned into opportunities? As a challenger, which areas are promising and which areas are far-fetched?

The INSEAD Fintech Programme helps develop your understanding of the four main areas of FinTech: payment systems; lending and fund-raising; cryptocurrencies and blockchains; and technology-driven trading and investing. You will explore these technologies from a business point of view, and discover not only the potential transformative power of some technologies, but also their limitations, so that you are able to critically evaluate either the opportunity or threat that your organisation may face due to FinTech.

The programme will enable you to build a solid understanding of what FinTech is, and ultimately develop the needed strategic response relevant to your organisation.