Blockchain Corporate Trainings

On request

Feb 03, 2021

Accelerate the digital transformation by unlocking the potential of your team

Businesses are continually being disrupted by emerging technologies at an increasing rate and embracing digital transformations has become inevitable for both SMEs and large corporations.

​Our mission is to help organizations succeed at the human side of strategy by equipping their teams with functional know-how paired with advanced technical skills to drive blockchain-based solutions and services across industries.

​Swisscom Blockchain Corporate Trainings strike a balance between teaching the fundamentals paired with hands-on learning experience of live use cases linked to specific industry.

Powered by our in-house blockchain senior consultants, engineers and innovation designers, we offer tailormade trainings modules from half day up to four-five days to business leaders, products owners and managers, software developers, decision makers and IT experts.

​Our educational portfolio covers a wide range of topics ranging from Distributed Ledger Technologies benchmarking, Blockchain use cases deep dive, architecture and protocol reviews but as well Blockchain basics and Blockchain solution analysis.

We have trained a total of 1'000+ participants, all of them with a diverse background including Financial Services, Healthcare, Energy, Consumer discretionary and Telecommunication.