UCL Blockchain Rules Online Programme

This Blockchain Executive Education Online Programme brings the world-renowned expertise of the UCL Centre for Blockchain Technologies (UCL CBT) who have designed this course for government officers, managers, legal professions, accountants and engineers interested in studying the foundations of the rules that govern today’s digital economy with a focus on blockchain technologies.
Country Global Language English
Cost 7350 Currency AED
Date start 2021-03-03 Date end 2021-03-31
Duration 15 days - 3 months Type Short Seminar
Subject Today blockchain is not an immature technology anymore. Corporations in finance and beyond successfully completed blockchain pilots; investments reached over $22.5 billion1 and now are constantly rising. In a few years this technology will completely reshape many industries and government activities.

However, the potential of blockchain technologies is still overlooked by most. Educational materials are often superficial or overly-technical making their understanding of how blockchains will impact in the near future a challenge. Today innovation is the main factor to compete on and blockchain is the key.

The Blockchain Rules course is a “deep dive” into the key economic and legal issues related to breakthrough blockchain technologies. In particular, how blockchain technologies work, how they are regulated and how blockchain technologies can be exploited to innovate will be discussed .

How can blockchains be deployed practically alongside other emerging technologies will be also investigated. These technologies will likely impact like the Internet did twenty years ago. An understanding of blockchain technology rules is necessary to be part of the coming blockchain era.
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