Webinar: Proving Value on Blockchain

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Date start 2021-03-31 Date end 2021-03-31
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Subject Blockchain is the ultimate tool for bridging the physical and digital worlds, because it enables you to take tangible assets and digitalize (aka. tokenize) them. One common question that comes up is how to ensure that what is tokenized is an accurate digital facsimile of the real object. In other words, how do we keep scammers from lying about their physical assets on a digital platform?

It’s a problem as old as time, but so too is the solution. The first step is to ensure that the documentation itself is properly "notarized" so that it can be trusted. In a decentralized P2P system, blockchain technology itself can replace a 3rd party notary.

In this webinar, we continue our discussion on value in the digital world by talking about this “notarization” process, and how blockchain, as a trustless technology, can help ensure that the real, physical value is accurately recorded digitally.
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