From Crypto to the Metaverse: Blockchain Applications in Real Estate

Learn about Blockchain technology and its potential impact on the Real Estate industry.

Country United States Language English
Cost 500 Currency USD
Date start 2024-01-31 Date end 2024-01-31
Duration < 1 day Type Short Seminar
Subject This single session program will help you understand Blockchain technology, how it powers systems like Cryptocurrencies, NFTs and Metaverses, and what potential impact it may have in the Real Estate industry.

In recent years, we have witnessed the incredible boom (and subsequent burst) of digital cryptocurrencies, made possible by the popularization of their underlying technology: Blockchain. Blockchain and its applications have proven to be incredibly divisive, with believers defending it as the most revolutionizing invention since the internet, while detractors demonize it as fueling a world-wide Ponzi scheme. What real potential lies in Blockchain technology beneath the current layer of speculation and hype? And will it also help disrupt the current status quo in Real Estate?
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