Cryptocurrency and Disruption

The exponential growth and volatility of cryptocurrencies and the distributed ledger technology underpinning them has led to a global interest in cryptoassets and the distribution of digital wealth. Private organisations, financial service firms, governments, and regulatory bodies worldwide are taking note of this highly disruptive trend. In such a volatile environment, it can be difficult for businesses to make sense of, and accurately evaluate, cryptocurrencies and their uses.

Country Global Language English
Cost 2100 Currency GBP
Date start 2021-03-31 Date end 2021-05-20
Duration 15 days - 3 months Type Short Seminar
Subject During this course you will be provided with the information, knowledge and frameworks to deepen your understanding of blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies – how they operate and the implications for business and the economy. You will not be given cryptocurrency investing advice, or investment or financial advice of any nature.
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