Continuing education course in Blockchain for Business

Create new business models based on blockchain technologies.
Country Spain Language English
Cost 1700 Currency EUR
Date start 2024-04-01 Date end 2024-05-31
Duration 15 days - 3 months Type Seminar
Subject Discover how blockchain technologies are revolutionising both innovative and traditional sectors. Without having to use third parties or intermediaries, blockchain technologies enable data to be processed securely and transparently and allow you to define digital assets and create markets.

The UPC School offers this continuous training course in Blockchain for Business with a great practical orientation that will prepare you for leading projects and solutions in this emerging area. This training course will help you to gain an understanding of the different concepts underlying this technology and to master both the language and the processes needed to implement a blockchain solution. Taught by recognised professionals, the course includes the description of the main use cases of blockchain technologies and the opportunities they offer, as well as related legal and business aspects.
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