Certified Blockchain Expert – Shaping the future with high level expertise

As more and more Blockchain based applications evolve, an in-depth knowledge of the underlying technologies is becoming indispensable. Equipped with this knowledge, you can leverage Blockchain opportunities to build your company’s digital future.

Country Germany Language English
Cost 6950 Currency EUR
Date start 2021-09-08 Date end 2021-12-10
Duration 15 days - 3 months Type Certificate Program
Subject The course delivers an insight into the Ethereum and Hyperledger frameworks among others; you will develop an in-depth understanding of cryptocurrencies and the full range of potential Blockchain use cases, projects and business models. This programme has been set up in cooperation with the Frankfurt School Blockchain Center which is a think tank and research center that investigates implications of the Blockchain technology for companies and their business models. The examination takes the form of a written term paper, which is expected to be completed within eight weeks.
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