CAS in Blockchain

CAS in Blockchain Autumn 2023

Country Switzerland Language English
Cost 8500 Currency CHF
Date start 2023-09-08 Date end 2023-10-27
Duration 15 days - 3 months Type Certificate Program
Subject Blockchain is on everyone’s lips ‒ not least because the Crypto Valley stretching from Zug to Zurich is one of the global centres for this technology. Switzerland is a Worldwide blockchain hub, and the University of Zurich has demonstrated its commitment to the field by establishing a Competence Center in the area of Blockchain to coordinate and foster research, education and interaction with industry and societal stakeholders.
But what is the story behind the new «Internet of Value»? What can this techno- logy already do? What are itsstrengths, weaknesses, risks and areas of potential? What are consequences and defects of distributed ledgers controlled by corporations and governments? The CAS in Blockchain at the University of Zurich looks at these questions and in doing so addresses the topic at a uniquely wide-ranging level: computer scientists, lawyers, economists and finance specialists from the University of Zurich join forces to teach participants the technical basics as well as provide them with legal tools and economic knowledge about the possible applications. In doing so, they are able to call on first-hand experience from academic blockchain projects, consulting activities and company start-ups.
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