Blockchain, Digital Currencies, and Distributed Ledgers Starts from Here

Country Singapore Language English
Cost 1700 Currency SGD
Date start 2024-02-22 Date end 2024-03-01
Duration 8 days - 14 days Type Short Seminar
Subject Nowadays, Blockchain is a buzz word in a diverse set of businesses including, but not limited to, banking, social services, insurance, government, supply chain, and media. They are all interested in the way this distributed database facilitates reliable, online exchange of values.
It is claimed that Blockchain is a trustable, fast, and transparent database system, that underpins cryptocurrencies such as BitCoin, and inspires similar but more controllable distributed ledgers (DL).
Therefore, understanding the definition, concepts, applications, advantages, and disadvantages of those three related terms would be of importance for the businesses now, and will be an urgent need in the near future.
Different analyses suggest that Blockchain-based operations will increase in many businesses during the 2020’s, therefore, understanding and mastering Blockchain would be a necessary skill for managers and technical stuff now on.
The topic is rather new, vastly innovative, technically rather complicated, and mixed with myths and baseless believes, that makes it necessary for it to be taught and addressed comprehensively and subtly, what this course is designed for.
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