Fintech Revolution: Transformative Financial Services and Strategies

If your business needs to leverage technology to create better financial services, this program will help you understand disruptions in the fintech industry across a broad cross-section of products and services, from traditional banking to blockchain. The goal is for you to create an action plan to foster innovation in your organization. You will learn how fintech can help you reach untapped markets, reduce costs, create economies of scale, and improve customer experience.

Country Global Language English
Cost 2600 Currency USD
Date start 2021-04-22 Date end 2021-06-03
Duration 15 days - 3 months Type Seminar
Subject The question: Why fintech? Disruptive financial technology is a fast-moving global phenomenon. In 2019, fintech investments amounted to $55.3 billion and fintech ranked among the top five industries with companies listing $1 billion valuation or higher. The question: Why now? Fintech’s constant innovations demand flexibility, endurance, and risk exposure for financial services companies. Are they – are you – prepared to keep pace with the change?
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