Cypto Asset Storage and Inheritance Course

Crypto and digital assets are rapidly gaining popularity as more people diversify into this new and exciting investment class.

Country Global Language English
Cost 55 Currency USD
Date start 2021-05-18 Date end 2021-05-18
Duration 1 day Type One Day Seminar
Subject The decentralised nature of crypto assets means that each user has full sovereignty over their funds. Third party custodianship options are limited, especially to individuals and smaller companies.

This course provides an overview of the industry standards for storing crypto assets and ensuring heirs have access to these. It is aimed at any individual who has a substantial amount of their NET worth in crypto assets, whether a novice or professional.

Participants will be equipped with a practical, step-by-step guide, templates and the knowledge to implement a secure storage and inheritance plan on their own. A certificate can be issued on request.

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